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Google Pay

Google Pay is an easy, convenient and secure way to pay with your mobile device. With Google Pay you can simply unlock your phone, place it near a contactless terminal, and you’re good to go. You don’t even need to open an app.

  • Simply unlock your phone and place it near the payment terminal. Tap and pay is that fast, that easy.
  • Shop securely. Google Pay doesn’t use your actual credit or debit card number. Instead, a virtual account number represents your account information keeping your card details safe.
  • As soon as you make a purchase, you’ll see a payment confirmation for your transaction with the merchant’s name and number. So it’s easy to verify your card activity.

Simple Setup

  • Look for the app on your phone. Google Pay comes preloaded on several devices. If your phone doesn’t have the app, download it from Google Play.
  • Add a credit or debit card. If you already have a card in your Google account you can add it to Google Pay by confirming a few details, or you can add a new card by simply snapping a picture.
  • Start tapping. Unlock your phone and tap to use Google Pay at any of the over one million store locations throughout the US that accept contactless payments.

How to Pay

  • Locate a store that accepts NFC (or tap-to-pay) payments, as well as select Google apps.
  • On Google devices running Kit Kat (4.0) and above, simply unlock your phone.
  • Place your phone near the contactless terminal.
  • Your phone will beep or vibrate, and you’ll receive a confirmation on-screen letting you know the payment was made.

Learn More 

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