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ACH Services

Equip Your Business with Complete Cash Flow Control

Make sure your money gets where it needs to go. ACH services allow you to send and receive funds — quickly and securely.

Pay for supplies as soon as you need them. Increase efficiency by billing customers directly. Wire funds across the state, the country, or even the globe. And thanks to electronic processing, income and expenses are easy to track. Save time, reduce errors — get started today.

  • Originate and receive electronic funds around-the-clock
  • Secure and efficient processing of funds
  • Bill customers directly for an expedited process
  • Directly deposit employee payroll
  • Pay suppliers
  • Collect receivables
  • Wire transfers available
    • Wires accepted by 3pm EST will be sent same day
    • Move money internationally
  • Streamlined recordkeeping
  • Fewer errors in accounting, reducing human error
  • Eliminates expenses and delays of paper checks