Imposter Fraud is Happening in Maine


Do you know what Imposter Fraud is? It's happening in Maine. Educate yourself so you're not a victim.

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Are 0% Auto Loans a Good Deal?


With all the advertising that's out there regarding 0% financing for auto loans, you must be wondering - what's the catch?

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What is Private Mortgage Insurance and Do You Need It?


This week, we took to the time to talk to Atlantic Mortgage Outreach Loan Originator, Nicole Savage, about Private Mortgage Insurance. Here is what she had to say.

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5 Tips to Reduce Financial Stress During the Pandemic


Here are five simple steps you can take to help you feel confident about your finances.

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Stimulus Checks Could Stimulate More Fraud


While watching for your Economic Income Payment, also keep your eyes open for an increase of fraudulent calls and email phishing attempts.

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