Here’s what you’ll need to open your account:

  1. Your Photo ID (Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Military ID or Alien Registration Card)
  2. Your Social Security Number
  3. $25.00 to fund your new Savings Account via Credit Card, Debit Card, transfer from another Financial Institution or transfer from an existing Atlantic account

If you get stuck at any point, then give us a call during regular business hours, 800-834-0432.

How would you like to open your account?

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These are the Companies we work with. Here's their information to file a claim or make a payment.

To make a claim call us at 207.373.0342, Monday–Friday 8:00AM–5:00PM. After hours contact your insurance company directly. To make a payment click on your insurance company.

(800) 245-1505

(800) 482-7443

(800) 334-0090

(800) 527-3907

(800) 628-0250

(800) 522-7152

(207) 791-3300

(800) 343-0533

(866) 460-1776

(800) 542-7032

(800) 522-7152

(800) 776-4737

(800) 332-3226

(800) 252-4633

(800) 435-0397

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